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Root Canal Therapy - Oklahoma City, OK



The Root Cause of Your Tooth Pain

Your teeth aren’t just solid enamel – they have multiple layers, including an inner layer made of tissue and nerves called the dental pulp. This layer can become infected if you neglect your oral health and can spread throughout your entire smile, putting you at risk of further complications. Fortunately, Dr. Joe Isaacson and our dental team offer root canal therapy which may help save and preserve a tooth that has been severely infected or causes persistent pain.

Our Oklahoma City, OK team has the knowledge and technology needed to make your root canal as gentle and painless as possible. Keep reading to learn more about the root canal process and how you can benefit.

Why Choose Joe Isaacson Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

  • All-Digital X-Rays For Confident Treatment Planning
  • Sedation Dentistry Available
  • Friendly & Gentle Team Who Prioritize Your Best Interests

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

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An untreated cavity can expose the inner pulp chamber of your tooth to bacteria and cause a tooth infection. This can put your oral and overall health at risk since the infection can spread to your other teeth and other parts of your body through your bloodstream. To prevent this scenario, Dr. Isaacson offers root canal therapy to disinfect and preserve your tooth so you don’t have to have it removed in the future. While most people think of root canals as painful, recent advancements in dental technology have made this restorative procedure gentle and comfortable for patients.

Symptoms of Tooth Infection

Knowing the signs of a tooth infection is essential so that your dentist can disinfect your tooth as soon as possible and protect it from further dental issues. It may be time for a root canal if you have:

  • Severe tooth pain that extends to your jaw
  • Sensitivity when exposed to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swelling of your gum line, face, or soft tissues
  • Swollen lymph nodes around your neck

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek professional dental care immediately. Call our Oklahoma, OK office at (405) 943-8575 to learn how Dr. Isaacson can help.

The Root Canal Process

What’s great about root canals is that they can be completed in just two appointments: the procedure itself and placing a protective dental crown post-procedure. Before your procedure, Dr. Isaacson will take scans of your tooth to map out your root canal. Once he understands the level of infection, he’ll plan your treatment.

You’ll also receive anesthetic as needed and sedation to ensure you won’t feel any pain during your treatment. Dr. Isaacson will begin your root canal procedure by making a tiny hole within your tooth and removing the infected pulp. After it’s cleaned, your dentist will send an impression of your tooth to the lab and create your custom crown. We’ll give you a temporary dental crown in the meantime.

Once it’s ready, you’ll return to our Oklahoma City, OK office so that Dr. Isaacson can secure your restorative crown onto your tooth, protecting it against future infection and restoring form to your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How successful is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy has an average success rate of 98 percent. Dr. Isaacson uses the latest, safest technology and techniques to ensure your root canal treatment goes without issues. However, if your infection returns, Dr. Isaacson may perform a root canal retreatment. During a root canal retreatment session, he’ll remove any missed infection during your first procedure.

Can root canal therapy be painful or uncomfortable?

Undergoing a root canal is virtually painless since Dr. Isaacson will apply a local anesthetic before starting your procedure. Most patients compare the experience of getting a root canal to that of receiving a filling. We also offer a variety of sedation options, including nitrous oxide and IV sedation. While it’s normal to feel some form of sensitivity after your procedure, it’s often easy to manage it with an ice pack or over-the-counter pain medication.

How long does it take to finish a root canal procedure?

The length of time for your root canal treatment depends on multiple factors including the severity of your infection and how many teeth are being treated. A root canal procedure for one tooth usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete. During your initial consultation with Dr. Isaacson, he’ll be able to provide you with an estimate as to how extensive your root canal procedure will be.

Will dental insurance cover root canal therapy?

Most insurance companies will cover a portion or the entire cost of your root canal. Our Oklahoma City, OK office recommends contacting your provider beforehand to understand your policy. Dr. Isaacson will also be able to provide you with an estimate of your treatment cost during your initial consultation. If you need help covering your root canal treatment, we offer various FINANCING OPTIONS to make the cost of your procedure more affordable and more accessible.

Restore Your Tooth With Gentle Root Canal Therapy

Do you have persistent tooth pain that never goes away? Don’t wait until it gets worse or your tooth needs to be extracted. Thanks to advancements in dental technology root canal therapy can be a painless solution to preserving your tooth’s health and structure.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our treatment options, contact our Lisle, IL practice by calling (630) 963-9280 or filling out our online contact form. We serve patients in Lakehurst, Mayview, Highland Hills, Glenbrook, and North Coronado Heights, OK. Dr. Isaacson and our staff will dedicate themselves to protecting your oral health and your smile.